Why every homeowner needs an all-inclusive pool cleaning and maintenance plan:

An all-inclusive package means you pay for what you want. You want a pool that is completely taken care of all year round. A full package offers you just that. No add-on’s needed. No hidden costs. Just a sparkling Olympic-standard pool at a cost-effective pricing.

What’s Included:

We’re so proud of this full package, we only offer a full package. Ensured quality and transparent pricing is the standard of service we hold ourselves to and a full package is the only way we can guarantee there won’t be multiple add-ons and extras to get your pool to Olympic-standard. It includes:

  • Full Pool Cleaning (1 x Week)
  • Full Water Chemistry Correction & Maintenance (1 x Week)
  • Full Equipment Maintenance (1 x Week)

Full Pool Cleaning (1 x Week) includes:

  1. Pool / spa vacuum as needed
  2. Skim surface / Removal of Floating Debris
  3. Brushing of pool wall
  4. Clean Skimmer Basket
  5. Clean Pump, including Strainer Basket
  6. Effective removal Algae, Scum, Dirt and any other Harmful Deposits

Full Water Chemistry Correction & Maintenance (1 x Week) includes:

  1. Test and Balance of Water Chemistry
  2. Monitoring of Phosphate levels
  3. Monitoring of Salt levels
  4. We provide the following pool-balancing chemicals:
    a. Chlorine
    b. Salt
    c. Muriatic Acid
    d. Stabiliser
    e. Sodium Bicarbonate

Full Equipment Maintenance (1 x Week) includes:

  1. Cleaning / backwash of filter
  2. Adding filter media (DE)
  3. The inspection of all equipment for leaks, clogs or potential problems
  4. The monitoring and correction of all system control settings
  5. The inspection of automatic pool vacuums to ensure perfect working order
  6. The monitoring of water levels and auto fill devices
  7. The inspection of salt cells

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