Is a Salt Water Pool or a Chlorine Pool better?

The first  most significant benefits to a Salt Water pool is first, the way it feels, and secondly, the minimised daily maintenance the pool requires. The most significant benefit to a Fresh Water Pool is the lower setup and equipment maintenance and repair cost.

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How does a Salt Water Pool work differently from a Chlorine Pool?

A Salt Water Pool utilizes the same sanitizing agents a Chlorine pool does - just at a steadier pace. A Salt Water system uses salt to create a steady flow of sanitizing agents. This means the water isn't as harsh as with the addition of Chlorine and it also means less daily maintenance. The start-up, installation and repair costs are more expensive with Salt Water systems, but it has lower daily maintenance requirements and lower daily running costs.


4 Benefits of a Salt Water Pool:

They require less daily maintenance

Gentle on eyes and skin

Lower levels of chlorine exposure

Pool water feels 'softer'

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